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Keeping Music Alive

    Shawn Westlake is a writer/poet/singer-songwriter born in St. Louis, currently residing in Los Angeles.

     Shawn grew up on the road. Traveling through 40 out of the fifty states in America mining for stones with the radio on - music was his passion and solace and he found it there. As a mighty force in Shawn’s life on the road, he began writing songs when he was ten.

     He's never stopped.

     Shawn's debut EP MAMA cuts deep and raw, leaving a haunting look at abuse in America.

     Shawn has been described as a cross between Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan and Kurt Cobain. His unique sound is heavily rooted in folk, blues and classic rock’n’roll.

     Throughout the course of his musical career he has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life and continues to collaborate with some of his favorite musicians and loves taking the stage with fellow artists at any given time when the invitation or spontaneity arises.

    His first solo album, “When The Sun Hit The Moon," is currently in production.  Stay tuned here for all other upcoming announcements and collaborations.

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